Golf in Zanzibar started early back in colonial time. The first Golf Course was established in the 1890's as the Zanzibar Golf Club. The Zanzibar Golf Club members were also members of English Club. The English Club with its centrally located headquarter was established in 1888 as a facility for English Residents, together with officers of the Royal Navy stationed here in Zanzibar. Today the building of the former English Club is “The Africa House hotel" in Stone Town, the building of the Golf Club at Maisara is now a local bar which still retained its name “Golf Bar”. The ancient Golf course at Maisara had nine holes, the longest being the 9th at 336 yards, the shortest, the first hole at 157 yards. The course running along a sandy embankment next to the sea. It was one of the first golf spots in Africa.

The newly opened (2015) golf Course is located at Mangapwani on the west coast, around 30 minutes north of Zanzibar town; it belongs to the Sea Cliff Resort. The course has 18 holes.