Stone Town

Forodhani is a popular waterfront on the heart of Zanzibar town. Every evening, it is filled with people wishing to cool down from the heat of the day by tasting a collection of delicacies and grilled foods and finishing up with cool cold drinks. There are dishes brought by Arabs (Omanis, Yemenis and Persians), Indian, Europeans and even Chinese. But most popular dishes are Pilau, Biryan, Chicken chips, Zanzibar mix (Urojo) and Zanzibar Pizza. To witness the beauty of sunset in Zanzibar the best place to be is at Stone Town. You can sit at the Forodhani Park for amazing view of the sea as well as a nice breeze to cool you down.. Forodhani is a no miss for everyone.

Though pristine beaches are what most tourists think about when they think about Zanzibar, spending some time walking around the Darajani market is a fantastic way to learn about the culture of Zanzibar and to observed local lifestyle. If you visit Stone Town, spend an hour navigating Darajani Market for an awesome experience.

The shopping strip is a fun walk, however, the things available in the bazaar are mostly imported from China and India.

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