Mangapwani Slave Chamber

The Mangapwani Slave Chamber is about 20 Kilometers North of Stone Town . Zanzibar Slave Chambers that built around 1880 from the cave and connected to the seaside 2kms away. It was an important transit point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the time of the abolishment of slavery in 1873 especial in the Middle East Between 1880 - 1905, the Slave Chamber was being used as a place of concealment of the human cargo pending their disposal. The Slave Chamber is a square underground cell that was cut out of the coralline rock, with a roof on top. The area is surrounded by varieties of indigenous trees such as Breadfruit, Rambotans and scent shrubs. The chamber was originally built by Mohammed Bin Nassor Al-Alwi, a prosperous slave trader, to store his slaves. Boats from Bagamoyo on the Tanzania Mainland would unload their human cargo on a secluded beach, separated from the main Mangapwani Beach by coral-rock outcrops. The dirt path from the beach to the Slave Chamber still exists today